Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, some testimonials and case studies along with the features and benefits of using Volume.

What are the costs involved?

There are two costs involved. An initial capital cost to install, train and set-up the system and a monthly user license based on concurrent connections to the database.

Can I view my files away from the office when I go and see clients?

There are two ways that you can view your files away from the office.

1. If you have an internet connection and you have upgraded to Papercloud you can access your files using your tablet, P.C or mobile  device.

2. Or if you are concerned about the internet connection you can use our Volumeanywhere feature, which allows you to copy files onto your laptop, CD/DVD or Memory Stick.  Volumeanywhere also maintains the security of your files as the information remains in your system.

Is your software FCA compliant?

Yes, although the FCA regulations on storing scanned files are not very well documented. Our data is stored using very advanced encryption techniques, all actions taken in the software are audited and tracked by the user's login details and all data is stored inside the database not held in Windows files.

I have a very large amount of historic files to scan in. Do you offer a service for this?

Yes, we have scanning bureaus to cope with any size of archive scanning requirements.

How much data can your system store?

As our product's name suggest 'Volume' there is no limit to the amount of data the system can hold. At time of writing we are setting up a 2 terabyte database. One terabyte of scanned data is equal to approximately 1500 four drawer filing cabinets. The data access speed for this database is still very quick.

How can we get our data out if we decide to change our software?

There are two options available all of which are free of charge:

  1. The first option is the to use the database Dump option found in the System Setup. This will produce a series of folders one for each file/client containing all their documents in whatever format they were originally stored in such as TIFF, JPEG, Word, Excel, PDF, Emails, etc..
  2. The second option is a royalty free license to use the software in a single user read-only mode. The license does not expire.

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