Local Cloud Global
Server is Cloud hosted or hosted on internal IT infrastructure? Hosted on internal IT infrastructure Cloud hosted server Cloud based or Hosted on internal IT infrastructure
Maintenance required at site level (backups etc) Yes No – Maintenance is performed by Watermark No if remote hosted by Watermark, yes if organisation hosted
Automated disaster recovery No Yes Optional based on hosting option
Works with existing IT infrastructure Yes Yes Yes
Requires a server? Yes No Optional based on hosting option
Multi-site access? Requires RDP, VPN or Citrix sessions Yes Yes
Multi-site (multiple local cache support) N/a Optional Yes
Multi-device access Optional Included Optional
Field and remote staff access Requires RDP or Citrix sessions Yes Optional
Access to documents on the go (PaperCloud) Optional Yes Optional
Middle tier compression for optimisation internally and to remote locations No Yes Yes
Storage size Based on hardware Unlimited Depends on hosting option
Types of storage for paperwork All paper is stored within the database Cloud and server caching (filestore) Options:
  • Cloud (MS Azure and most OpenStack storage platforms available)
  • In-house filestore (via operating system)

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