Windows UAC & Anti Virus

KB053 - Issues caused by UAC and Anti Virus software

Windows User Account Control (UAC) was introduced within Windows Vista and Server 2008 to enhance security.  This security feature can cause issues with the Volume software.  Typical issues experienced are: -

  • Installation of the Volume software failing or not completing correctly.
  • Connection to the database being refused.
  • Microsoft Office Integration not installing.

When these type of issues are experienced, temporarily turn off UAC to see if this is the cause of the problem.

Antivirus software can also cause issues with Volume.  For Firebird databases, make sure its location is excluded from any antivirus software installed on the server to prevent corruption of the Firebird database.  When diagnosing issues with Volume, temporarily disable the antivirus to ascertain if this is the cause of the problem.

Please Note: Turning off UAC and the antivirus software is only meant as a temporary measure to troubleshoot the issue being experienced.  Always make sure UAC and the antivirus software is enabled after the root cause has been found.

Always consult your IT support before turning off any security software on the work stations or server.

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