Virtual Printers on Terminal & Citrix Servers

KB051 - Configuring virtual printers for Terminal and Citrix servers

Two virtual printers are installed during the Volume client installation.  A 'Volume' driver is installed for black and white printing into Volume.  A 'Volume in Colour' driver is installed for colour printing into Volume.

The Volume virtual printer drivers create a temporary image file which is imported into Volume. The temporary image file is then deleted. The location of the temporary image file defaults to c:\temp\.  This location needs to be unique to the user.  However this may not be the case when using Volume inside a terminal or Citrix server environment.  Under these circumstances, the default location needs to be changed to a unique location for each user such as a mapped drive H:\temp for example.  

Follow the steps below to change the default location for the virtual printers.


On the Terminal/Citrix server open Devices and Printers in Windows.  Right click on the 'Volume' printer and select ‘Printing Preferences’.


From the Printing Preferences window select the 'Save' tab and alter the path in the 'Folder' field to the new location.

Click 'OK' to save the changes.


Repeat the above steps for the ‘Volume in Colour’ virtual printer driver.

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