Too Many Users

KB048 - Unable to log into Volume due to too many users logged in

If the maximum number of user licenses in Volume is exceeded, the message ‘There are too many users logged in’ will be displayed when trying to log into Volume.  No other user will be able to log into Volume until a user licence becomes available.  This issue can arise due to: -

  • More users are trying to access Volume at the same time, exceeding what their current licence limit allows.  To resolve this issue an increase in user licenses may be required.
  • Volume is being left open and logged in on client machines that are not currently being used.
  • Volume is being used on a laptop.  Instead of the user closing Volume, the laptop lid is being closed placing the laptop in sleep mode with Volume still running in the background.
  • Users are connecting to Volume over a remote connection.  When closing Volume they are disconnecting their remote connection but leaving Volume still running in the background.  

If users have left Volume still running, it is possible to clear all connections to free up all user licenses.  For SQL LAN based Volume configuration and Volume Remote sites, please contact to clear these connections.  For Firebird based Volume configurations the below command can be run to free up all user licenses.

Please Note: This will close ALL connections including any users that are correctly logged in and using the system

This functionality was introduced in version v5.5.1.4 of Volume.  Firebird needs to be on version 2.5.2 or above.


To clear all connections to the Firebird database run the below line from a command prompt:

For 32 bit Windows: - 

"c:\program files\watermarktech\volumefinance\volumefinance.exe" /clearconnections

For 64 bit Windows -

"c:\program files (x86)\watermarktech\volumefinance\volumefinance.exe" /clearconnections


Log into Volume and check if all users can log in successfully.


If the maximum number of user licenses in Volume is still being exceeded, try restarting the Firebird service on the server or reboot the Firebird server.

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