Row locking

KB065 - Guide to locking row's in Volume to prevent misfiling of documents and aid compliance

New feature introduced in v5.6.2.0

When applying file structures to a file it is sometimes important to restrict what a user can do with the applied structure to prevent misfiling of documents.

When a series of tabs, rows and document boxes are applied rows can be locked and no new boxes can be added to the row; existing document boxes cannot be removed or deleted. This feature keeps filing consistent restricting users from changing document box layouts.

A locked row only allows pages to be merged\inserted into existing document boxes within the row. The boxes within the row cannot be moved outside of the row, merged together or deleted. Paperwork within the boxes can be moved around the system freely.

Configure Row locking via a template

Enter template maintenance, a new option “locked row” has now been added at row level:

Locked rows in action

When the template is applied which includes a “locked” row, a padlock is added to the row to show that it is locked:

If a standard user tries to delete a box, move or merge a box that is part of a locked row they will receive the following warning:

The above warning will also be displayed if they try to add another box to the locked row. These settings can be overwritten if the user has access rights to do so (see “override settings” below for details on this feature)

The users can however move paper into the existing boxes, merge boxes from another row into an existing box or move paper within a locked row out of the box.

Override settings

The row locking mechanism has user configurable options to allow certain users to override row locks if required. These options are configured in User Maintenance, and are “modify locked rows” and “lock/unlock rows”

“Modify Locked Rows”

This option allows a user to override the locks, i.e. they could delete a box from a locked row. This comes with the following warning first:

If the user bypasses the row lock this is fully audited to show the action under the audit type of “useroverride”:

“Lock/Unlock Rows”  

This allows the user to either lock or unlock rows. This is done within the row properties by setting the “locked” check box:


A row can be locked within Volume external to a given template.

Please note if you wish to give users this feature you will need to amend their permissions in User Maintenance.



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