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KB020 - Guide to Error Processing on a Multi Function Device when scanning

Receiving an error: ‘Error processing page: cannot open file…’

This error is normally displayed when scanning from a Multi Function Device (MFD). A MFD usually takes the form of a large stand-alone photocopier positioned in the centre of the office. Due to the way these scanners create temporary image files Volume does not know when the scanning process has finished for multiple pages.


From the File menu, in System Setup, there is the option to wait before processing the newly created temporary image files.


At the bottom of System Setup select ‘Jump/Remote Scan’.


An additional window will apear, Tick the option to ‘Ask before processing file’.

When a new image file is created by the MFD the user is prompted before processing begins.


Select 'OK', a window will appear to restart Volume for the changes to take effect.

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